Lunch break candids

Candid photographs from lunch breaks on the streets of Birmingham

…”finding something interesting in an ordinary place”

Elliot Erwitt
Wikipedia "Street photography is a type of 
photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places".

Click on a picture to enter main gallery for larger images and some techie exif stuff



Photographs © Miles Pilling

14 thoughts on “Lunch break candids”

    1. Ha….especially the “Brum Bum” picture?
      I was going to subtitle that one “how to photograph a backside in public and not get arrested”.
      Do visit again. Thanks for commenting.

  1. Love the photograph of the man with the hat and suitcase. “This is me, now, here,” thinks young man on way to rest of his life, walking away from the light, captured perfectly.

    1. Thanks.Glad you like it. Was one of those nice moments when the photo-gods made the right elements come together at just the right moment.

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